Felipe Franco & CO.

Catch me if you can

The Renault Mégane GT is the most agile car of its class, thanks to the 4-wheel steering 4CONTROL. Such feature you can only find by Renault and also by some other so called premium brands.

With a target group which is thirsty for adrenaline and racing videos online, we gave them exactly what they were looking for. In a chase throughout a desert, the Mégane GT shows its superiority against its main competitors: VW Golf GTI, Opel Astra OPC and Ford Focus RS.

The Mégane GT defeats its opponents one-by-one until a last unexpected opponent just shows up:
the Porsche 911. Well, it cannot even be considered an opponent and this one defeated by one of the most iconic symbols of Renault Advertising in Germany.

The online film was liked and shared by hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook and YouTube and became the most shared video in the history of Renault Germany.