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Chlodek vs. Fridz

Chladek was a successful Toy Art from Kinder in Czech Republic. He was originally created by LeagasDelaney Prague in 2009 for the Semi-Freddi products from Kinder, the dairy products for fridge (Maxi King, Pengui, Pengui Choco, Paradiso and Milk Slices). That's why Chladek and Fridz are in fact Fridges.

Chladek was a huge success in Czech Republic, expanding to Slovakia and Poland.

After a 2 years promotion in Poland, Kinder came up with the idea of creating his successor. So we created 4 new characters and the consumers were called to vote on their favorite one through Facebook. Fridz was chosen, but the challenge had just begun. Most of the clients still had affection for the "old" Chladek. So we were called to come up with a film that shows this tension between them, but proving that they are able to live together. Even in the same city. Even if they turned it completely into plastic.