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Living Book

ALNO was launching the ALNOMESA, a new kitchen concept
at the biggest furniture fair in Germany.
But there was a small problem: the kitchen didn’t exist yet.

It was only a concept indeed. All we had was a plenty of rough sketches and notes from the designers.

So, we let their inspiration inspire us too and decided to tell the story of the origin of a kitchen. Not in a book with printed pages, but with blank ones. Because this is where ideas are born. Including a kitchen concept. Joining the old tradition of book binding with high-end technology we created a new reading experience, reinventing one of the oldest media.

We've created the Living Book:
the first self-writing book in the world.

Tracking-codes identify the chapters while a HD Projector bring the empty pages to life, just in front of the viewers’ eyes.

The result:
Enthusiastic visitors from 137 different countries and the main point of attention in a fair with over 140.000. And the most important, this enthusiasm brought the ALNOMESA concept even closer to it production in series.

Video Case


Full Version (5 min.)



Agency: Leagas Delaney Hamburg, 2013
Role: Art Director, Co-Screenplay, Animation Director
Credits: Nico Uthe, Bastian Böhm, Dirk Frömmer (Illustration/Animation)