Felipe Franco & CO.




I work alone but, of course, also with some great partners which make the work even more fun.


Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus

Vicky is an award-winning copywriter from Johannesburg, South Africa. When she was younger, she wanted to be a trapeze artist in a circus, but that dream was crushed when it turned out fear of heights isn’t a passing phase. She wrote her first story when she was 5 about a girl called Cessy and her evil step-sister Dillinlyinillin. And this year, her debut book titled "Pickles and Ice Cream" will be published internationally. Currently, she lives and works in Hamburg, Germany and has two cats and one snake.



Philipp Hentges

German copywriter / creative director based in Hamburg. I’ve worked at Saatchi& Saatchi Düsseldorf, Jung von Matt/Alster and I’m currently working at Publicis Pixelpark. Although I never possessed one, I’ve mostly worked on cars (Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Dacia). But was always driven by ideas beyond the fuel-in-your-veins-blah. I won’t stop until I can afford a new Tesla.



Jan Pfiffer

Graduated in “screenwriting & Storytelling “ at NY Film Academy in Los Angeles, and in “Digital strategy” at Hyper Island Sweden, Jan Pfiffer has over 15 years of experience as a creative copywriter and strategy thinker. During this time he had the opportunity to work in the most diverse agencies in countries like Brazil, USA and in Germany, where at the age of 29 he was already European Associate Creative Director for Hyundai. Being personally responsible for the entire brand’s communication across 28 different markets in Europe. Including all activations for the majors motor shows. Thus creating dozens of campaigns and writing countless TV Spots during his career.



Oliver Tiersch

Freelance copywriter and creative, based in Hamburg. However, he also works occasionally in London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin and enjoys moving around on different projects. Oliver has been living in anglophone countries for nearly 10 years. Since he writes in German and English, Oliver likes working on local as well as international clients.