Felipe Franco & CO.

Periscope Parking Drama

Periscope Parking Drama.
The first live prank on Periscope.

Drivers spend about 12 hours a month parking. Or trying to park.
A fail situation people love to watch and judge, So that’s exactly what we showed, right where the most finger-pointing happens: On social networks – with the first live prank on Periscope.

Our digital prank not only had to be innovative, but also had to resonate with the humor of social media in order to create buzz and push the Renault brand forward.

For 12 hours, we live-streamed a couple’s battle with a mean parking space in a competitor’s car. The community couldn’t stop watching and commenting – especially since we added surprising appearances to the situation. Finally the viewers deserved a happy ending: the Kadjar with Easy Park Assist quickly parked before everyone’s eyes - showing how Renault makes life easier.

We became the #1 trending video on Periscope:

with 35.000 viewers, comments in 20 languages and 140.000 hearts.
And Renault's followers increased twenty-fold.

The Periscope livestream was also integrated to banners on car-related websites where users watched them for an average of 3 minutes.