Felipe Franco & CO.

Porsche – Year of the Dog


Chinese New Year.
The Super-bowl of advertisement in China.

Everyone wants to catch customers attention, doesn’t matter how, with millions spent on huge online campaigns.

But, why spend so much on media?

2018 is the year of the dog.
And different from what you might think, in China people love dogs – and also showing off with them.

(Casefilm: Coming soon)

Instead of spending millions on media we turn these lovable little creatures and their owners into our ambassadors and let them send New Year’s Greetings for us.
In a H5 published our owned Channels – Wechat and Weibo. And we took over the social media, spreading the word… and the bark.

Dogs are the men’s best friends. But also always want a reward.
And that’s what we gave for the best ones.

The campaign became fast a topic on social media.
And we prove that small and clever campaigns can outsmart the big ones.