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Renault Why Not

Why Not!
Drive a French car in Germany

Germans are known for being extremely cautious people. Indeed they are. Whenever something new comes up, they rather doubt and say "Yes, but...".

Here convenience overcomes curiosity. Being a French car brand on a market filled with trusted German ones is not an easy place to be.  So we decided to talk to those who deep down still feel the urge to be different and open-minded.

That is why we dedicated our brand campaign to those who still live by the motto „Why not!“. The ones who want to try out new things. The ones who like to be surprised.
More than only sell cars we wanted to make Germany a place more open to „Why nots!“.

Well, why not? 


Why Not Manifesto

As a kick-off for our campaign we created a Manifesto, a lighthearted online-film to show how exactly the „Why not!“ attitude moves the world and people‘s lives forward


Once our Manifesto introduced our concept, it was time to show the world how „Why not!“ can conquer anything from city to nature, and even one‘s heart.
In 3 vignette films we showcased 6 cars and their practical features, through simple stories that drew a human connection between drivers and their cars
while unique packshots communicated our best deals and offers.


Film ZOE


We further extended our campaign in printdealership communication and online.


Print Motives