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Ritz-Carlton – Back to the stars

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For the Ritz-Carlton’s series “Let Us Stay With You”, we created a charming animated short based on the real life experiences of a guest staying at the Yalong Bay resort in Sanya, China.

Each animation in the campaign is shaped from real guest’s memories, summed up in six key words. For this latest installment, those were “remarkable life”, “heartfelt tribute”, and “spirits soar”. Previous animations in the series are based on the memories of guests at Ritz-Carlton’s hotels around the world, including New York City, Tokyo and Grand Cayman, among others.

The story of this film is based on the memories of a retired, recently widowed former Russian cosmonaut’s stay at the Chinese resort. The loss of his wife meant he was having trouble enjoying his vacation, despite the idyllic surroundings. After learning of the man’s story, the hotel manager rallied the staff to create various surprises for him, namely a large sand sculpture of a rocket, and a bottle of the former cosmonaut's favorite vodka, re-designed with the label depicting accounts of his space adventures.

With this film we set a new standard for the whole campaign, globally.

Produced by Shanghai-based animation production company, Final Frontier, and directed by Le Cube.

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