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Sands Macao: That's the taste

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Sands Resorts Macao wanted to become top of mind Mainland China Customers.

But how to advertise and create some emotional bonding in such sensitive and regulated market?

Well… not advertising it. But creating engaging stories instead.

In Mainland China, Macao is mostly known for Casinos and… well… Egg Tarts!

With the support with our brand ambassador David Beckham and a strong casting of actors from the China and Hong Kong, we created a micro-film with all the ingredients that the Chinese audience love: action, comedy, emotions, celebrities and… food!

So when the Chinese audience think about Macao they will definitely still think about Egg Tarts but also at Sands Resorts.

The film got 5 Million views in the first hour and drew attention from entire asian the media.

Joining David are leading Chinese celebrities and actors Qiao Shan (taxi driver), Yang Di (waiter), Liu Yan (taxi driver’s sister), Lam Suet (chef), Cao Tu Jun (restaurant staff) and Helena Law Lan (bakery owner/grandmother).