Felipe Franco & CO.

The Peeback Spray

The anti-urine Spray

First it was St. Pauli.
Now, anyone can Peeback.

After the Guerilla and Product Demonstration in St. Pauli, the worldwide demand for peeing back splashed to the top. So, we gave the world what they needed and wanted: The Peeback Spray. Order now at www.peebackspray.com

Since 2015 St. Pauli – the Red Light District in Hamburg – became dangerous for public urinators.
We started our campaign and sprayed the most frequented wall with a superhydrophobic coating so water-repellant that the urine just splashes right back, ensuring wet pants and shoes and less "Wildpinklers".

The action made Headlines on all over the world, became a YouTube Viral and turned into a example for many other cities. Vienna, Mainz, Cologne, Cold Coast, London and San Francisco carry out the idea against the "Wildpinklers". Thousands who would have never asked for the industrial coating suddenly wanted to buy it and wanted to buy it.

A guerilla product demonstration that not only reached our peeing target group but the world. And created a whole new one.

The worldwide demand to pee back increased massively and now we're giving the world what it needs: The Peeback Spray.

Simply order it on our Online Shop, simply spray it on the wall you need to protect and it will Peeback.

„Wildpinklers be aware: Now any Wall can Peeback.“
Julia Staron, Quartiersmanagerin Reeperbahn der IG St. Pauli e.V.: